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DIETER MÜH - Hanging The Blind Dog CASSETTE

DIETER MÜH - Hanging The Blind Dog CASSETTE


Hanson Records is proud to release this cassette of live recordings from the legendary UK industrial project of Steve Cammack, previously of sick 80's industrial noise group Ideas Beyond Filth. There's much going on throughout these two 30-minute sides of haunting and nightmarish environments. Delayed screams, moans and drones giving way to heavy waves of white noise that crash into each other and create powerful explosions of thunder....hidden melodies creeping along manipulated voices and organic industrial rhythms to create an unsettling and confusing ambience. Pick this up and take a couple journeys into the cinematic audio mind of Dieter Müh.

WARNING: This cassette can cause epilepsy, hysteria, insanity, blindness and even DEATH.

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