Twig Harper - Ha Ha Laughing Record C-30 CASSETTE

Twig Harper - Ha Ha Laughing Record C-30 CASSETTE

James Twig Harper Johnston's tribute to the legendary Okeh laughing record. (if ya don't know...look it up!)

It's funny (pun intended), I get a message from Harper saying he's working on a "Laughing Record" lathe... I'm like.. "Woah, I was just working on some "giggle loops" myself... I'll send em over!", "Perfect!" . A few more giggles from our friend Nora and he's in monkey business! He mixes those w/ some classic canned laugh tracks and sends em thru his new computerized "Anti-System" and gets us all floating in a world of psychedelic laughter.

Originally released on lathe cut in a micro edition of like 10 copies or somethin'. Now available on cassette for us all to laugh along with.

"This is badass, it's my new favorite song." - my daughter
"What the fuck happening!?" - my son (as he gets in car after school w/ this blasting out my windows.)


****PS: NOTE! This is a CASSETTE!!! NOT a RECORD! It just has "Record" in the title because it is a reissue of a record! ****