Aaron Dilloway - Bhoot Ghar: Sounds Of The Kathmandu Horror House CASSETTE

Aaron Dilloway - Bhoot Ghar: Sounds Of The Kathmandu Horror House CASSETTE

Phone recordings from the Haunted House in the Kathmandu Fun Park in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Entrance Soundtrack: The audio playing as you walk the path to enter the Horror House... Being blasted out of a way cheap outdoor PA speaker which is seriously blown the fuck out. I did no remixing to this audio, this is the full recording of what was looping out of the entrance speaker. There are moments of silence and just crude ripping speaker sound. It's perfect. There is a synth track in the middle of it, that my friend Ruhail Qaisar identified as the intro music to a famous Indian horror TV show. I wish I could meet who put this collage together, it definitely fucked, though I'm really glad I got to experience it through this extremely unprofessional and broken ass PA speaker.

Walk Through 2: Walking through the pitch dark maze for my second time. Somewhere are motion sensors and when you pass them, bright light flashes, horrifying audio blasts and raw as fuck rusty machinery w/ old rotten rubber masks covered in spray paint and filth pop out at you...seriously looking like some old Survival Research Laboratories machinery that was left out in the dust & rain for 10+ years. A local Nepali couple make the walk through with us and are not having nearly as much fun as me.

Bumper Cars: Bonus track of me standing in line for the bumper cars at Kathmandu Fun Park. As with other rides at the park, these things go WAY TOO FAST, FOR WAY TOO LONG.

Geese Feeding: Outside of the Bhoot Ghar is a small fenced in pond with a dozen or so geese. I happened to leave the Horror House one day just as the geese were being fed. Here are the geese freaking out in meal time bliss as you can hear the horror house entrance soundtrack blaring in the background as well as a nearby soccer game w/ live commentary in progress.

Walk Through 1: My first walk through of the Bhoot Ghar. A lot of bumping into walls and laughing. I turned my phones light on at one point to find myself in an emtpry room dusty and littered with red and gold horror graffiti and a shitty old basket.

Bumper Cars: Another recording of mechanical chaos. This time the recorder is inside the bumper car with me. These things are going WAY TOO FAST.

Ferris Wheel Belt: A great rhythm made by the exposed belt of the ferris wheel. One of these broke just minutes after I rode it and people were stuck at the top for quite some time after.

CASSETTE ONLY BONUS TRACK: My son and I riding the "BREAKDANCER" a teacup spinning ride that again goes way too fast...for WAY TOO LONG. There was a little guy operating out of a small booth with a little peekaboo hole. During one of our spins he winks at me...you'll hear me notice. The tape cuts off before I got sick, but you can hear me starting to have enough... The entire ride went on for about 8 minutes. We started feeling sick after 3.