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V/A - TIMARA: Electroacoustic Music At Oberlin LP

V/A - TIMARA: Electroacoustic Music At Oberlin LP


Hanson Records is proud to release this LP produced in collaboration w/ the TIMARA studios of Oberlin College.

TIMARA (Technology in Music and Related Arts) is a program at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music notable for its importance in the history of electronic music. Established in 1967, TIMARA is well known as the world's first conservatory program in electronic music. Department alumni have included Cory Arcangel, Christopher Rouse, Dary John Mizelle, Dan Forden, Peter Blasser, Jacob Ciocci, and Amy X Neuburg.

Inspired by the electronic music studio LP's of the 60's and 70's, I had the idea to document some of the recordings being made at the electronic music studio in my hometown by the students and professors at Oberlin College.

Contains student works from: Mitchell Hermann, Sarah Snider, Evan Zierk, Matt Omahan, Paulus Van Horne, and Charlie Abbot, as well as works from Oberlin Professors Lyn Goeringer, and Tom Lopez (one of Tom's tracks was recorded here back when he was a student in 1980!).

Compiled by Tom Lopez, Aaron Dilloway, Joo Won Park, and Lyn Goeringer. Engineered by John Talbert. Cover painting by Matthew Gallagher.

500 copies pressed, w/ only 200 available for retail.

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