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TWIG HARPER - Twig Harper CD

TWIG HARPER - Twig Harper CD

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Proper CD release from NAUTICAL ALMANAC's TWIG HARPER. Twig was a big part in HANSON RECORDS getting off the ground back in the mid-90's, so I'm very excited to release his debut solo glass mastered CD! Hot off the barefeet of his collaboration release with DANIEL HIGGS on THRILL JOCKEY… "TWIG HARPER" continues in the alternate universe tradition of his three volume "Intuitive American Esoteric" LP series, with 43 minutes psychedelic tape manipulations and droning synthesizer… electronic and organic sound mixed to brain warping perfection. Bell's, homemade electronics, synth, piano, strings, junk, horns and voice treated with tape for "full-on" musique concrete / sound poetry / electronic / drone trance inducing confusion.

Recommended for fans of Albert Hoffmann, Smegma, Pierre Henry, The Butthole Surfers, Maria Sabina, Dylan Nyoukis, Tobe Hooper, Criswell, Tod Dockstader, Sirhan Sirhan, The 13th Floor Elevators, Aliens, Humans, Jokes, and OBE's.

500 copies packaged in black poly jewelcases.

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