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SPINE SCAVENGER - Plays the Writings of Commander X CASSETTE

SPINE SCAVENGER - Plays the Writings of Commander X CASSETTE


C-60 of VERY minimal synth tests made after intense holiday readings of the books of COMMANDER X. The new studio has just been set up and the recordings on this tape were from a session I did to get reacquainted with my synthesizers. Unlike every other SS release, there is no tape delay FX used on these recordings..some LIGHT reverb on the B-side from an old 'echo-verb' unit I recently acquired, but other than that it's raw synth.

The A side is a triple synth sample and hold exercise using Dotcom Modular, Yamaha CS-5, and Moog Rogue. The B-side is an ULTRA minimal pulse ambience piece for Moog Rogue and Lafayette Echo-Verb. This side was very influenced by a tape called CHAMBER MUSIC originally released in 1984 by STRENGTH THROUGH JOY. I got the tape quite a few years ago and remember being struck by how minimal it was. I wasn't too fond of it at the time, but I think about it quite a lot and I think it's influenced a lot of my output, especially my more recent recordings. I think of it as ambient music, not 'ambient' as in the genre, but as sounds to surround yourself with while doing something else. Throw this one on and read some COMMANDER X!

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