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SKIN GRAFT - Dystrophy CD

SKIN GRAFT - Dystrophy CD

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Debut CD release for Cleveland's SKIN GRAFT. WYATT HOWLAND aka SKIN GRAFT has been blasting his crude noise in the filthiest Cleveland basements and scum punk bars every two or three nights…A WEEK! for the past five or so years. He has a knack for writhing in the filthy underbelly of sound using junk metal, field recordings and primitive electronics. DYSTROPHY is complete audio horror texture…pulverizing harsh sounds of fluttering static, feedback and crushed metal… This is the sound you hear when you are stuck upside down in the backseat of a hit and skidding car. Just HORRIBLE SOUNDS! The complete OPPOSITE to the sounds of his past collaborators EMERALDS and BEE MASK. Whereas they have aimed for outer space…SKIN GRAFT has aimed himself head first into a shitty old Cleveland gutter. Always touring, always playing gigs, and always recording…solo and as a member of long running Cleveland noise punks DEAD PEASANT INSURANCE as well as Power Violence heavyweights APARTMENT 213.

Recommended for fans of Wolf Eyes, The New Blockaders, Napalm Death, Taint, Murder Corporatrion, Negative Approach, Prurient, and Controlled Bleeding.

500 copies packaged in black poly jewelcases.

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