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DAVE PHILLIPS - Homo Animalis Double CD (Schimpfluch Associates)

DAVE PHILLIPS - Homo Animalis Double CD (Schimpfluch Associates)


Dave Phillips (*1969) has been a purveyor of radical sound since the mid 80's, as a founding member of Fear Of God in 1987 and since 1991 as part of the Schimpfluch-Gruppe (with Rudolf Eb.er, Joke Lanz and others). Working solo since 1987, dp has developed a unique sonic language typified by sharp compositional techniques and existentialist/environmentalist connotations.

Homo Animalis collects some of dp's most accomplished work to date. Mainly composed between 2009 and 2011 these pieces first appeared on limited edition cassettes in Russia, Poland and in the US. Between 2012 and 2014 they were thoroughly reworked and conceived as an album. This album describes a phase in dp's life/work marked by incisive personal experiences formed into sound. An intensification of the compositional approach and the increased use of classical instruments are some of the more noticeable sonic aspects. Begun on "?", "Homo Animalis" takes a turn for the more sinister and satirical and contains the quintessence of this phase of life with the hindsight that “?“ couldnʼt have. The bookletʼs text on humanimalism adds another dimension to this album. dp's humanimalism is a concept worded here for the first time. It describes a developed humanoid existence that has overcome the erroneous religious and material phases and has grown into an empathic creature that has made a clear shift towards an emotion-based existence, with social and environmental senses as primary and inherent functions.

10 tracks, 159 minutes. 6-panel cardboard cover with 8 page booklet.

"Let me tell you it is the most incredible album I have heard in a long time. It is like animals screaming and him and field recording of domestic violence with nice rich piano playing. At least that is what I think it sounds like is in it. I have not read the text yet. It is too incredible in and of itself." - Bryan Lewis Saunders


Schimpfluch Associates is a label founded in 2013 by Dave Phillips (Zürich) and Rudolf Eb.er (Osaka). Its focus is on works of reference by sound artists associated with Schimpfluch.

Schimpfluch was originally founded by Rudolf Eb.er as a label, 1987 in Zürich, a name soon annexed by the loose collective of sonic activists known as Schimpfluch-Gruppe: Rudolf Eb.er/Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck, Joke Lanz/Sudden Infant, Marc Zeier/G*park and Dave Phillips/dp. Schimpfluch art appears in many forms (audio composition, performance, rituals, painting, photography, installations etc) and extends metaphysical knowledge and awareness. Schimpfluch exponents are highly regarded in the global underground; the 2012 festival "Extreme Rituals: A Schimpfluch Carnival - celebrating the legacy of Schimpfluch", held at the Arnolfini Centre For Contemporary Arts in Bristol, is just one example thereof.

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