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DARKSMITH - Total Vacuum CD

DARKSMITH - Total Vacuum CD

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CD reissue of the debut vinyl from California sound artist Tom Darksmith. Crude musique concrète made using tapes, voice, records, radio, guitar, drums, objects, domestic and field recordings. Assembled on cassette four track 2008-2009. A disturbing collection of sounds...lots of sounds...unknown sounds...I have no clue what is going on on this record....Tom says there is guitar, drums, etc on this...but I dont hear them...what I hear is: The sound of my neighbor weedwacking, the sound of being zipped into a suitcase then shipped via train, ghost voices roaming in sewers, the sound of riding in a helicopter with mid-grade noise reduction earmuffs on, a shitty metal door being locked on a crew of mumbling idiots...and every now and again...a garbage disposal....this is what I hear....no clue what you will hear. A total mystery of perfectly paced organization of dirt sound...not harsh...not mellow...just dirty, weird, and confusing...and to quote the sleevenotes of the first few QUEEN LPs....No Synthesizers!.

Recommended for fans of Yeast Culture, Agog, Joe Colley, Graham Lambkin, Jason Lescalleet, Hands To, etc...

500 copies packaged in black poly jewelcases.

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